Monument Health. This is what’s next.

Monument Health is more than a high-performing network—it’s a partnership with a vision. One that likely matches your vision of how health care should work. A network that fully integrates care across every member of the health care team, from the patient to the physician to the hospital. One that delivers more appropriate, accessible and affordable health care to Mesa County.



A comprehensive network of physicians and highly skilled health care professionals who offer a wide range of services using advanced technology. But it is more than what we do; it’s how we do it. Monument Health supports one of the largest offering of support groups in the region. Whether you are a new mom or a cancer survivor, we’re eager to show you how much we care–not just how well we care for you.



We’re building on a long and successful tradition of collaborative health care initiatives in Mesa County, formed to improve the overall health of our people. This inspired innovation is our legacy, driving us to achieve the nationally recognized Triple Aim health care outcomes: lower costs, better care and a healthier community.



Monument Health aligns the entire health care team–the physician and other clinicians, the hospital and, of course, the patient. Payments to providers are based on how well they do, not how much they do. That means we work to keep the healthy in good health, identify those at risk, reduce risk for those in poor health, and improve the health of those with chronic conditions. All of this leads to more affordable care.



The Monument Health network offers a comprehensive solution to meet all of an individual’s health care needs, close to home.  No waiting, no worrying and close to home.

But it is more than what we do–it’s how we do it. It’s a level of sharing and caring designed to take clinical outcomes and the patient experience to a whole new level of satisfaction.

Better clinical outcomes, improved access to care and greater satisfaction: That’s more appropriate care!

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A Healthier Mesa County

Monument Health’s integrated approach means providers have a better picture not only of the whole patient, but of the entire patient population and the larger community. This allows Monument to redesign care delivery and address the social, economic, physical and behavioral health issues facing Mesa County residents. That not only controls costs and improves care; it enhances the health of the entire community.